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Tokyo-Frost Valley YMCA Partnership
Est. 1979
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The Tokyo-Frost Valley Partnership serves the Japanese community in the tri-state area through youth and family programs. When the program began in 1979, its main objective was to establish YMCA programs for Japanese families, bringing them together with American families to share experiences and skills that would not only make their stay in a foreign country more pleasant but also enhance both cultures. Today, the Partnership reaches more than 2,000 participants annually through a broad spectrum of services.

The mission of the Tokyo-Frost Valley YMCA Partnership is to support Japanese youth and families living in the tri-state area; to increase understanding between the people of the United States and Japan; and to foster world peace. To accomplish this, the Tokyo-Frost Valley YMCA Partnership puts Christian principales into practice year-round through programs that promote strong family relationships, healthy lifestyles, cultural awareness, international coorporation, andindividual growth in Spirit, Mind, and Body.

Summer Camp
With a staff of professionals from the Frost Valley and Tokyo YMCAs, the Partnership provides unique summer camp experiences for Japanese children. Utilizing the Frost Valley YMCA's Catskill Mountain facility, all ages take part in what one would consider your typical summer camp activities, (campfires, cabin groups, outdoor exploration and adventure programs) plus a whole lot more.

Each summer offers a wide menu of choices for parents interested in a program that provides cultural stability for Japanese children by immersing them in their own language and other aspects of their culture, while also giving them a cross-cultural experience through the well-recognized Frost Valley YMCA Resident Summer Camps.

The summer season offers three two-week sessions for younger children, ages 6-9, plus a four-week Sports Camp for a wide range of ages and athletic abilities. The last two weeks of the summer are dedicated to the Partnership's Language Camp an intense program helping children strengthen their English-As-A-Second- Language skills and also youth wishing to immerse themselves in the Japanese language in preparation of their family's return to Japan.

Some of the Partnership counseling staff for the summer camp program comes directly from Japan. Their summer experience is a blend of summer camp fun and extensive youth group work framing. This leadership program has won national acclaim in Japan and welcomes many observers every summer.

Ski Camp
December Ski Camp and February Ski Camp are also held at Frost Valley YMCA for Japanese children in a cooperation with the Belleayre Mountain Ski Facility and its Ski School instructors. Children enjoy skiing with the Japanese youth leaders for 5 or 6 days. It is a great opportunity for them to enjoy a winter sport. There are also one-day ski programs throughout the winter season.